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It's not just our job, it is our passion

Our team

  • Miriam Muros

    CEO Engineer & Co-founder

    My cats will not be scared and jump on me when the intercom sounds. Never again

  • Alex Martín

    CTO Craftsman & Co-founder

    Falling in love with Ruby. I'm not photogenic at all

  • Alberto Calvo

    UX/UI & Design Lead

    Craftsman designer with Sketch and CSS. Smashing Pumpkins fan.

  • Sandra Fernández

    Creative Communication

    Born to create. When I grow up I wanna be a child again

  • Esperanza Olea

    Marketing & Love Lead

    You are what you communicate. Lolaloliero (8) from Málaga City

  • Rosa Martín

    Production Coordinator

    Discovering a new world & snapping everyone to attention ;)

  • You!

    We are hiring

    If you are interested send us your cv to jobs@dymotics.com

Helped us to bootstrap...

  • Jose Mínguez

    Flamenco Engineer

    I sign, dance and cultivate the flamenco. I born to be break-all-betatester.

  • Francisco Fernández

    HW Intelligence & Co-founder

    This will be a better world where people evolve at the same time as technology

  • Paula Cayuela


    I am a visual thinker. Photoshop & Illustrator are my weapons

  • Cristina Ramos

    Community Manager

    Playing with words. Also I like matching my clothes with the color of my eyes

  • Ignacio Prados

    3D Designer

    I see the world in 3D. Yes... like everyone!

  • Luis Ibáñez

    IOS & Android Dev

    From London with love